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How to display a Coppermine most recent images badge in 3 easy steps

1 ) Edit wp_coppermine.php

2 ) Put wp_coppermine.php into the same directory as the webpage you want to put your badge.

3 ) Cut and paste all of the coppermine_gallery.php file into the webpage where you want your badge.

Coppermine Badge files

You can see this up and running on my personal blog.  I’m working on a WP plugin check back in a few days it should be up on the side bar and a blog entry posted with more information.

Easy hacks you can do:

It is set up to display 5 thumbnails vertically.

To change the number of images change the number at the end of this line:

$query = “select filepath, filename, ctime from cpg_pictures order by ctime desc limit 5;”;

If you want a horizontal list remove the \n<br> from this line:

echo “\n<br><img src=\”$url/$directory/albums/$path” . “thumb_$name\”>”;

So it looks like this:

echo “<img src=\”$url/$directory/albums/$path” . “thumb_$name\”>”;